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Photo by @tobyharriman  | Lombard Street, shown here, is known to be the most crooked street in the world. But few know Vermont Street, a different San Francisco street also stakes claim to that title. It has seven sharp turns as opposed to Lombard's eight, but its hill is steeper than the one on Lombard Street. Regardless, it’s hard to deny how beautiful Lombard looks from above. This photo was taken from a helicopter. #sanfrancisco  #aerial 

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Image by @michaelclarkphoto  | Peahi, aka JAWS, breaking huge at sunrise during a massive swell on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii. This was one of the best images from the day. While out on the jet ski, you basically photograph everything that rolls by–especially if you are in position to do so. I saw this on the back of the camera briefly, but realized quickly that looking at the back of the jet ski while bobbing around on the ocean in big waves was not a good idea. I was seaskick for the first six hours on the jet ski this day, but luckily held it together. Sometimes you have to suffer for the images–just part of the gig. #jaws  #peahi  #maui  #northshore 

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Photo by @BabakTafreshi  | Swipe left to see this panoramic night view in Persepolis, Iran. A griffin statue (Homa bird in Persian mythology) appears against the backdrop of the Apadana palace and the Gate of Xerxes on the right. The griffin is a legendary creature in myths, part lion and part eagle. Persepolis is a 2500-year-old World Heritage Site of ancient palaces and temples near Shiraz. It was the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire during the Achaemenid dynasty. Explore more of The World at Night with me, @babaktafreshi.  #persepolis  #shiraz  #worldheritage 

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Photo by @ErikaSkogg  | Traditionally a pagan and fertility summer solstice holiday throughout northern Europe, Midsummer is a continued celebration of longer days and the start of summer. Scandinavian-themed rural towns in the United States like Lindsborg, Kansas, celebrate Midsummer with many references to old world costumes and dances idealizing their immigrant family’s past. Residents of Lindsborg have even made their town slogan ‘Little Sweden USA,' reinventing themselves as a place to come experience ethnic tourism.

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Photo by @paoloverzone  | Located on the west coast of Greenland, 250 km north of the Arctic Circle, Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord is a tidal fjord covered with floating brash and massive ice, as it is situated where the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier calves ice into the sea. In winter, the area is frozen solid. One of the few places where ice from the Greenland ice cap enters the sea, Sermeq Kujalleq is also one of the fastest moving (40 m per day) and most active glaciers in the world. Follow me, @paoloverzone , for more photos and stories. #arctic  #greenland  #iceberg  #climatechange  #ilulissat 

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Photo by @kevinfaingnaert  | The old city of Cartagena is the undoubted queen of Colombia’s northern coast. It's one of finest examples of preserved colonial architecture in South America, packed with churches, plazas, palaces, and mansions with their famous overhanging balconies and shady patios. #Colombia 

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Photo by Gabriele Galimberti @gabrielegalimbertiphoto  and Paolo Woods @paolowoods  | Children swim towards an artificial island in a pool in St. Helier, Jersey. The pool is fed by the high tide’s seawater. Jersey experiences tides of up to ten meters, some of the world’s largest. Jersey is ranked ninth on the 2013 financial secrecy index compiled by the Tax Justice Network, making it one of the world’s most important secrecy jurisdictions. #jersey  #pool  #tide 

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Photo by @amivitale  | Cattle dogs can be as important to a successful drive as the horses in the Centennial Valley of Southwestern Montana. The cattle were driven 60 miles through the Ruby Dell Mountains to their summer pastures. The age of open range is gone and the era of long cattle drives over. Today, few ranches drive their cattle with horses and instead move them by truck. Follow me, @amivitale , for more photos of this incredible world and the creatures who inhabit it. #montana  #outwest  #bigskycountry  #dogs 

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Photo by @Renan_Ozturk  | High winds raking over Everest advanced base camp this past season at 20,000 feet. Follow me, @renan_ozturk , for more images from the roof of the world. #Everest 

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Photo by @dina_litovsky  | The District of Palermo in Buenos Aires is known for its vibrant nightlife that stretches into the early morning hours. It's fun to walk through it at night and stumble onto scenes like this, people taking over the cobblestone streets to unwind after a long day. Follow me at @dina_litovsky  for more images around the world.

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Photo by @jimrichardsonng  | Sanday, one of the islands of Orkney, sprawls across the North Sea, a convoluted combination of low land, beaches, and tidal flats which are in constant flux. Neolithic farmers liked the rich farmland and long summer days. Orkney farmers today still do. The sea between the islands is generally very shallow, so the actual landscape of the Neolithic era may well have been much different, depending on the rapidly rising sea level. Vikings, too, favored Orkney, adding rich layers of history and lore. Follow me, @jimrichardsonng , for more Scotland. #scotland  #orkney 

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Photo by @andrea_frazzetta  | Sunset on the famous beach of Dickenson Bay, Antigua. On the horizon, a storm is coming. Antigua has 365 beaches (one for every day of the year, as the locals eagerly point out). To see more photos from my travels, follow me, @andrea_frazzetta.  #antiguaandbarbuda 

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