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Tyler Kennedy

  • 1 month ago

This is a repost of my Ruffnut armor because I wanted to shoutout @cosplay_apprentice  again! I used they’re Foam Mo clay for all of the scales on this! You can the clay on amazon and it’s super easy to work with :> they actually just sent me a very nice package and I couldn’t be more thankful. Just last night I was thinking of making Astrid’s armor as well, but I also need to use some foam mo on Pike when I start on her! I also need to build Tuffnut for my bud Little Mantis so you guys will be seeing more Foam Mo in the near future! Even though they sent me some stuff to play with, I can truthfully say I really like this company’s product. I mean I bought several more tubs of foam mo after going through the trial they sent me because I liked it so much lol Aside from Foam Mo I also used foam light sheets from @luminsworkshop  which I also really enjoyed working with! ❤️ I need up make some updates to Ruffnut and as much as I hate it, I think I’ll repainting all of the scales again with a color shifting paint.
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