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Dont Miss Me Too Much

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Astrid and I were relaxing at home, wrapped up on the couch, watching the fire, talking about all the memories we gained these past few years. There were tons.
She always loved talking about how I defeated Drago. Being so brave and bold, standing up to his Alfa, showing him the real loyalty of dragons.
However, whenever the Topic of Drago came up, my Dad always followed shortly after. It hasn’t been easy not having him around, he was in my life for twenty years. So, adjusting to that was rather difficult. Astrid would always see the emptiness in my eyes whenever he came up, but she was quick to always cheer me up.
“Hiccup, do you know how proud he would be if he were here right now? Do you any idea?” she said softly, leaning her head into my shoulder.
“I know, I know he would be as happy as ever.” I said agreeingly,
“I just wish he got to spend more time with my mom. They were ripped apart, after only just being reunited for a couple hours. I can’t but help think about what they would be like now, you know, if he hadn’t.”
I began to get choked up, tears were forming in my eyes, as they usual do when I talk about him. Astrid put her hand on the far side of my face, turning me to her, staring at me with her beautiful, sky-blue eyes.
She kissed me and her soft, warm, welcoming lips dried the tears before they could fall.
“Oh Hiccup, just because he’s not physically here, doesn’t mean he’s gone,” she said gently, pulling away from me, putting her hand over my heart.
I smiled and hugged her tight, she always knew how to make me feel better. For someone as fierce as her, she had quite the soft spot and I absolutely adored that about her.

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