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Crystal, corals, mazes, and Hobgobblers have been discovered further into the home of the #HiddenWorld  Caverns! Hidden areas call for new adventures!
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Date Post03 August 2019
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  • @dragongirlolivia

    Dear School Dragons I'm having a very hard time with this maze in the expansion pack at the Hidden World I cannot get past the speed stingers and it's annoying so if you could please fix this I would greatly appreciate that

  • @layla_the_laid_back_dog

    @dragongirlolivia  it is very hard I gave it like 500 tries but at the end you just have to evade them (takes some waiting because they walk so slow!) and then you get to da fireworms that bits hard DM me if anyone needs help!😁

  • @ohnezahn17

    Hi, SoD❤️🐲Can you do the Wrath of Stormheart For 500-1000 gold or the Secret of the Leviathan For 500-1000 gold!?!?💎🐲❤️ Please ♥️

  • @gabriela_silva_cardoso

    @schoolofdragons  the maze is making me crazy!!! I don't find any exit and there is no arrow to help us...please fix it up quickly my membership is ending...😢

  • @lola_elliott07

    The coral is so hard 😭😭

  • @j.loves_drawing

    Why do we have to buy every eria thats new. It's realy unfair.

  • @httydpinto_corall


  • @rosemary.arena.5

    Hello I received a notice telling me in Spanish, which is stranger because the game is put in English.

  • @rosemary.arena.5

    What the message told me "unfortunately, we can't tell you here this is your first life" And I never made uses of cheat

  • @voximal


  • @emilykumy

    I like the new expansion

  • @lisas_drachenschule

    I have only 600 gems for the sale of the expansion pack🥺

  • @reda_ataya

    I hope your gonna add a thornridge @schoolofdragons 

  • @haiileyvaught

    Question if you buy 1 month membership and get the death song on the melody island expansion pack, after the membership expires will the dragon go away??

  • @guiffy_

    @haiileyvaught  No. You keep every dragon except Toothless & Lightfury.

  • @guiffy_

    I renewed my membership just for the update.... I can't get past the lava maze 😂

  • @lexcreativegirl16

    Do we still have the battle ships every hour?

  • @krokmoulove7

    Juste une question c’est quand la prochaine mise à jour ? J’adore school of dragons 🐉

  • @cat_alina03

    So I got a 1 month member ship but it’s not letting me cancel it in any way I need help plz

  • @x.t_y.x

    Can you people please fix your game??? Like seriously the lack of words, the amount of money that you need to spend, but most importantly the bugs in this game are annoying, I can’t even play because of the amount of times the game crashes and the amount of times it keeps logging me out and NOT letting me log back in for a few days when I did absolutely nothing wrong

  • @laceysratz

    i like the fact you can go in one part of the hidden world when you havent got a membership🔥